Monday, December 8, 2014

The One with December Week 2

Is it just me, or is December crazy busy? Here's some activities for any free time that you might have! Enjoy! 

K Dot Art*
Directions: print file. Allow child to decorate the uppercase and lowercase K. (You can use circle stickers, dot stampers, play dough pieces, or pom poms) Read Dr. Seuss's ABC book, and discuss which letter is "Big K" and which one is "Little k" Hang paper on fridge for the week to reference. 

Felt Christmas Tree
Directions: get a large piece of felt from a craft store and cut it into a large triangle (or tree) shape. Using other colored felt, cut out ornaments for your tree. Since felt sticks onto felt without adhesive, your children can redecorate the tree over and over. My kids love this one! (You can also do this on a smaller scale with a small tree vs. a large tree.) I used staples to put the tree on my wall. 

Popsicle Manger Craft
Directions: Use 5 popsicle sticks to create the shape of the stable. Glue together the sticks together. Cut (scissors work!) 3 popsicles in order to make the shapes of baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Have fun decorating the people and the stable together! (I just did a simple demo!)

K is for Kite Snack
Directions: Create a kite out of 4 triangles. Triangles are the shape of the month! I used cheese, but you can use graham crackers, sandwiches, or other everyday snacks! Just raid your fridge and see what you can find! Discuss that kite begins with the letter K. 

Paper Plate Penguin
Directions: Fold a white paper plate into the shape of a penguin (see pictures below!) I stapled mine closed for stability. Paint or color the head and wings of the penguin black. Discuss how penguins have a white (color of the month) belly. Use paper triangles (shape of the month) to make a beak and feet. Voila! 

Sensory Activity: Make Pretend Snow!
Directions: I'm so excited about this snow! It's clean and smells fresh and the shaving cream makes it feel cold. All you need is shaving cream and baking soda. Dump out out baking soda (I used a small box) into a big bowl or tub. Slowly add shaving cream and stir until it is a fluffy, moldable consistency.  It feels great! You can make snowmen and snowballs and all sorts of fun things. The coolest part is that if you add drops of vinegar near the end, it will bubble and "erupt!" Have lots of messy fun with this one! 

Snowman in a Bottle Counting Game:
Directions: Decorate a clean, dry bottle or cup like a snowman. (I used a sharpie and an orange triangle). Roll a die or draw cards (even playing cards!) to see how many marshmallows to add to your snowman. Adding the marshmallows inside the small neck is a great fine motor skill activity.  Make sure to practice counting skills while you're having fun! 
Variations: younger children can simply add marshmallows/pom poms without using cards or a die.
 Older children can use tongs/chopsticks to add the marshmallows in. 2 children can race to see who can fill theirs up the fastest. 

Have fun!
Printable here: K dot Art

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